First Post

This blog currently exists to facilitate commenting on threads I find interesting.

It may expand to something more at some point as I start really considering what I want to say.

The origin of the username is something of an inside joke, combined with an idea of what I want to do with my life.  There’s an implied “clearly” at the end of the phrase.

I seek truth, even if the truth is harsh.  This search has led me to adopt two unpopular belief structures, though both are on the rise.  The first is atheism – obviously I’m not a gnostic atheist, as it’s impossible to prove a negative – and the second is what’s usually called “The Red Pill,” or the belief that modern society is heavily weighted against the male sexual strategy, and that much of what men are taught about how to approach intersexual interaction is complete horseshit.

This puts me in a pretty uncomfortable place, as even within either community, the intersection with the other appears to be somewhat slim.  Both groups are not approved of in American culture, one being labeled as misogynists, and the other allegedly doomed to suffer torment for eternity.  Obviously I don’t think either of those claims is true, but it certainly means that some of my core beliefs can’t be worn on my sleeve in day to day life.

I’m a long time fan of science and technology, and a student of history. It’s likely that my future posts will deal with how religion, science, technology, politics, law, and intersexual dynamics come together to create situations worth discussing.

First Post

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