Nerd Epiphany

I was reading a post on today talking about women in heavily male-dominated, heavily logic-based fields like computer science, and how they often are very unhappy with their lives.

Something in my head clicked as they mentioned that these women were trying to control the storm of their emotions, rather than ride it out.

Something really fucking nerdy.

I started thinking about Saidar and Saidin, the gendered sources of magic in the Wheel of Time universe.  One of the core principles of the series is that the two are very different.

For one, Saidin is tainted when the story begins.  Every man who uses its power eventually goes mad, destroying what he loved.  This is due to the corruption of the big bad, Shaitan.

You can read into that what you will about the idea of toxic masculinity, but (SPOILERS) the main character Rand Al’Thor eventually manages to cleanse Saidin, letting the male mages stay sane despite their use of magic.

I also love how Red Pill theory colors the actions of those men who, following Rand Al’Thor, knowingly train themselves in the use of their magical abilities in order to fight the Dark One (Shaitan).  They know they’re going to go crazy and die, and yet… they have power.  They have to use it.  They call themselves Soldiers. This is a clear message on male disposability, and the strength of the men who accept this and do what needs to be done for society anyway.

Anyway, the biggest difference, the one that made something click in my head, was that Saidar has to be guided, while Saidin has to be dominated.  Women who try to grab hold of the flow of their magic and force it inevitably find it to be an overpowering river that sucks them in and destroys them; it’s only safe to suggest and cajole, and this philosophy extends to the way in which they use their magic as well as how they control it.  The female mages, the Aes Sedai, are master manipulators.

Men who try to guide their magic, by contrast, find that it resists guidance.  It is wild, and must be dominated, forced to do as they wish.  This is, again, represented in how they approach the world.  Rand Al’Thor gathers armies and topples nations.

Now that I’m on the subject, holy shit.  The entire series is so Red Pill it hurts.  (SPOILERS) Perrin doesn’t get his wife under control until he stops being a beta shit that won’t yell at her.  She shit tests him constantly, and as much as he says “no sweetie I only love you that girl who’s flirting with me doesn’t mean anything,” she keeps being bitchy about it.  It’s when he finally shouts her down about her being stupid and decides he’s going to be a fucking king that she is content with her choice of mate.

Matt gets the goddamn Empress to qualify herself to him.  He shows high value constantly by flirting with women around her, and treats her like a child… and this is a woman who nobody treated with anything but the utmost respect in her homeland.  She falls for him like a fucking brick.  And it will probably last because Matt is too damned wily to ever truly submit to her worldly power.

Rand Al’Thor gets the fucking HAREM ending.  I don’t know if I need to say more on him, really.  Three strong, independent women who didn’t need no man fall all over themselves to get his baby in them, so much so that they agree they’ll share him.  Happily.  Because he’s the baddest motherfucker in the world, and is metaphorically the role model for male power, in that he cleansed Saidin.

Nerd Epiphany